Saturday, November 24, 2012

My anniversary

Today makes our Fifth year anniversary. I look forward to this day every year but specially last year.  Our fourth year anniversary I was 36 weeks pregnant We did a photo shoot of the girls and us.  It was the first time and first pregnancy I got Maternity pictures.  We had fun and then we went to dinner. I remember telling Jared, Next Year we will go to Europe its one of my dreams Jayda and Kylie would be older and our little boy will be almost one. This anniversary its shadow with pain.  I dont even feel like celebrating anything.  Our girls are older but Im not sure I could leave them to go to a trip overseas.  Our baby is gone with his first birthday coming up. Im still so broken.  I'm pregnant and this pregnancy its helping Me not  stay home n cry all day long, I feel exausted.  I never thought his day will be like this.
Pain exist thats for sure.