Friday, December 21, 2012

Jayden's 1st. Birthday

Today, at 1:47pm would have been my baby boy's first birthday.  I thought I was going to have the strenght to go to the cementery.  It rain until early afternoon pouring here in NJ.  Jared and I never change from our PJ's we ate sandwhiches and had bowls of chocolate ice cream.  i cried about 8 times thinking of my baby.  We received many messages from many friends.  The truth is we are very slowly learning to accept that he is gone.  The only comfort we have is that he is not suffering anywhere.  But we miss him so very much.  I need him so much.  The arrival of Kyle in a few weeks, his kicks and non-stop movement made me stop crying today.  Jayda and Kylie's smiles and huggs helped us get through this day where we would have been so proud of our baby reaching his first year.  i must learn to accept I will never be the same.
 I will never be complete.
 Oh Jayden if you just knew my baby how much mommy needs you.  I will never forget you, I promised you will forever be part of this unit.  I hold on to your pictures, to your blankie.  Your brother I'm sure will miss you as much as your sisters do today.  we hope to be reunited soon.  Please God give me so strenght - I'm not sure I can wait any longer.