Thursday, February 6, 2014

Walking away.....

It's 2 years since we left our baby in the hospital bed.  After making the painful decision of disconnecting him from the ventilator,  we hug him kiss  and had to walk away from the room.  I will never forget the hallway,  the nurses,  the faces of other parents staring thru the window of their childrens rooms.  Today the sorrow takes over,  the pain,  the Im so mad.  Why is my baby not here?  Nothing can prepare you for the moment of walking away knowing they won't be there tomorrow.

Today I had to walk away from a burial site a cemetery a area where my child was bury. Today I learned that Gos had promised Sarah Abrahams wife that she will bear a child.  She waited 25 years.   It happen.  Today we hold tight to a promise of resurection.  But I don't want to wait.  Faith is rock is tested every day that passes by everyday that our children are gone.  It's so hard to breathe thru this time.

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